All that You Need to Know About WordPress

WordPress is no lesser than a blessing for the beginners, it is one of the most used and followed Content management system these days. Technically speaking, it is an open supply tool for building a website which is predicated on PHP or MYSQL.

Following are some important facts that you should know about WordPress:

  • – More than 75 Million websites are powered by WordPress.
  • – Over 26% of the top ranking websites use Content Management System.
  • – Generally, people refer WordPress as a simple blogging tool.
  • – It is constantly updated with latest innovative features an is filled with high-performance tools for the users.
  • – Having a considerable community, it has various dedicated forums.
  • – It offers SEO friendly URLs. vs.

Well, both of them are ways to host a WordPress website, the only factor that differentiates both of them is the host. enables you to migrate the content without having to pay any cost. On the other hand, hosts your website itself for you while taking care it.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting acts like a catering service. It tailors and modifies the experience as per your preferences, However, it imposes some restrictions also.

Managed WordPress Hosting offers a plenty of services associated to WordPress. The server can be either shared or VPS, however, it should not make any difference because the host needs to be highly adept and proficient at maintaining the service. Because the provider has to support one application only; WordPress, their task is pretty much stress-free. From hardware to software, increasing speed, set aside security problems and provide useful and effective features, they are able to set their entire environment.

The Pros of Managed WordPress Hosting

There are a lot of benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting. Most of these advantages stem from having to support WordPress only, enabling expert hosts to fine tune and organize their systems and invest their time on developing user-friendly and convenient management features. Resulting in a noticeably responsive and prompt website, using few resources.

Usually, the hosts mandate the WordPress’s latest version, which identifies that you will always be updated and are protected from any potential risks. It may prohibit any plugin that are at risk of creating issues and contain privacy vulnerabilities.

One of the examples of how WordPress can boost your website is caching. There are some hosts that possess their own properly tuned caching system on a server level that are able to outperform usual cache plugins. You will in fact be banned from using these typical cache plugins, because they are likely to conflict with the more effective internal system of the host.

In addition to this, Managed WordPress hosting offers relatively better support for the issues related to WordPress as compared to shared hosts or general VPS. No, it’s not surprising at all as it exclusively deals with WordPress.

Managed WordPress hosting is one of the best solutions for the WordPress websites, it’s the best fit.

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