A Beginner’s Guide to Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is said to be the web hosting. With this hosting, the service provider typically functions pages for numerous websites. Each of them has its personal and unique Internet domain names from an individual web server.

Most of the web hosting organizations offer shared hosting. However, shared hosting is comparatively a cost-effective way for companies to build your website presence, typically, it is not sufficient or appropriate for the websites having high traffic. Websites with increased traffic require a dedicated Web server, either kept up in-house or provided by a Web hosting service.

The biggest catch with most of the shared hosting firms is their advertising and marketing efforts. Boasting unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, and fundamentally unlimited everything. Are you well-aware of this world? Then you must know that the only unlimited thing we know is the amount of scams that people are expert doing. But wait, don’t worry, there is no such thing when it is about shared web hosting.

Simply put, shared web hosting option was basically designed for small websites comprised of new blogging sites, small start-ups and others. In case each website used their quota, shared hosting will not be able to work then. But because of the fact that just a few do, it mostly works out excellently for everyone.

The users can get quite a reasonable deal and hosting companies are able to manage their hosting needs within the given budget. Long story short, it is one of the top options for the users that have just started out. However, if your website gains huge traffic and get popular using up multiple server resource, then it is likely that the corporations will ask you for an upgrade.

There are numerous hosting companies that will just suspend your account, and inform you through an email. Always remember to choose the shared hosting firm that actually has a good reputation.

Advantages of Shared WordPress Web Hosting

Talking about advantages, there is a substantial cost benefit because the server’s maintenance charges are shared by a huge number of websites. The hosting fee is about $3.95 – $9.95 on the monthly basis.

Competition has evidently improved technology. Most of the shared WordPress web hosting consists of very easy to use and convenient admin panel like cPanel, Fantastico and more.

Popular and successful companies employ highly competent and skilled professionals. It enables you to concentrate on your core business operations and not stress out about website’s maintenance and uptimes. In addition to this, you can easily upgrade your website, as it grows, without any hassle.

Shared vs. Managed WordPress Hosting in a Nutshell

The managed vs. shared WordPress hosting debate ultimately comes down to the additional WordPress specific performance tweaks and services that you are able to benefit from using managed WordPress hosting.

Typically, managed WordPress hosting is more like a caretaker for your WordPress website, while regular shared hosting will leave you a lot of work when it comes to WordPress optimization, backups and more.

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